14-yr-old grandson among four arrested for killing elderly man

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14 yr old grandson among four held for killing elderly manJAIPUR: Nasty secrets of a family tumbled out when police on Thursday claimed they have solved the mystery behind the murder of a 72-year-old man whose body was found in Amber area three days ago.

The police arrested the man’s daughter-in-law, his two grandchildren aged 19 years and 14 years and his driver for the crime. The victim allegedly wanted to have an affair with his daughter-in-law and was doing “evil spells” on her. To get rid of him, the woman conspired with the victim’s driver whom she was very “close” to, police said. The most shocking part in the story came when the police said her two children were actively involved in the heinous murder. The family and the driver drugged the elderly man, smothered him with a pillow, stuffed his body in a sack and then dumped it near Amber.

The elderly man’s body was found tied up with ropes and stuffed in a sack on the roadside in Amber area on Monday. “After seeing the body’s photographs in newspapers, the victim’s elder brother contacted the police and helped identify him as Jawahar Lal Shivnani, a resident of Kardhani Scheme near Kalwar Road in the city,” said DCP, north, Prafulla Kumar.

The police arrested his daughter-in-law Priya Shivnani, granddaughter Harsha, his 14-year-old grandson and his driver Nazir Hussain. Jawahar Lal used to run a garments shop in Dubai. His son Vimlesh took over the business when he retired and settled in Jaipur. Priya’s is Vimlesh’s wife.

The officer said Nazir, a resident of Nahargarh Road, earlier used to work as the driver of Priya’s father. “He gave driving lessons to Priya as well as her daughter Harsha. So he was close to her,” said the officer.

The officer said during police investigation, it came up that Lal was last seen at Priya’s flat situated on Devi Marg in Banipark on April 5. “Lal lived in a house belong to his elder brother. He came to the flat at around 2 pm and had liquor and food there. Priya called up Nazir asking him to come to her flat and gave Lal food mixed with sleeping pills. Under their effect, he slept throughout the day. Around midnight, Priya, Nazir, and her two children smothered Lal with a pillow. They stuffed him in a sack,” said the DCP.

The officer said that Priya and her 14-year-old son dragged the body from the second floor of the apartment building around midnight and got it into their car.

“All of them came to a place near Chainpura Slaughter House in Amber area and dumped the body there. They then went back to their place,” said the officer.

The police became suspicious when the family members gave contradictory statements about the chain of events on April 5. The police came to know that Nazir had visited the flat on the same day.

“Neighbours told us that they had seen Lal entering the flat, but didn’t see him come out. When we interrogated the family members, they finally confessed to the crime. Nazir told the police that he had bought the sack used in the crime from a shop in Atish Market nearly a week prior to the murder,” said the officer.

The police said Lal had made advances on Priya. “He would come to visit her at odd times. Priya even told her husband living in Dubai about it, but instead of taking it seriously, he accused his wife of making up stories to defame his father,” said the officer.

The officer added that Priya suspected Lal was performing evil spells on her to control her. Nazir had even taken her to a witch doctor to get her “treated”.

“She and Nazir conspired to kill Lal so that the problem could be solved permanently,” said the officer.

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