2 get double life term for attempted robbery, murder

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2 get double life term for attempted robbery murderKottayam: Additional Sessions court (II) sentenced two persons to double imprisonment for robbing a retired school teacher and attempting to murder her sons.

The Additional Sessions Court Judge S. Shahjahan passed the verdict after Chandran (49) of Uttamaplayalam in Theni district and his accomplice Murugan (26) of Mariymman Koil street were found guilty by the prosecution.

The prosecution case was that both Chandran and Murugan gained forceful entry by breaking open the door of the house of Rosamma (65), wife of George, which was situated near Alankar Theatre, Ettumanoor.

The duo robbed a gold chain from Rosamma and hacked her sons Sebastian George (40) and Dr.Mathew George (38) and escaped.

The court has sentenced both the accused to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 25000 each for housebreak and another life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 50,000 each for attempted murder. The accused will have to undergo an additional imprisonment of six months if they don’t pay the fine and the court ordered Rs 25,000 each to be paid to Sebastian George and Dr. Mathew George who were injured in the attack.

Advocate Georgekutty Chirayil appeared on behalf of the prosecution. The incidents that led to the crime happened in the early hours of February 15, 2013. Chandran and Murugan broke open the front door and gained entry in to the house. Chandran snatched the gold chain weighing 1.5 sovereigns from Rosamma who was sleeping in the room. While Chandran was doing the robbery, Murugan stood outside the room in surveillance. Rosamma, who woke up, raised an alarm. Hearing the commotion, Dr Mathew George, who was sleeping in the adjoining room, rushed to his mother’s room where he saw Chandran.

As Dr. Mathew was trying to overpower Chandran, Murugan hacked him on his head from behind with a machete. Sebastian, who also reached the room, was also attacked and injured by Murugan. The duo then escaped with gold chain and took shelter in the nearby abandoned house.

The next day, some neighbors noticed that the back door of the abandoned house, where the accused had taken shelter, was open and alerted the owner who informed the Ettumanoor Police. The Police arrived and entered the house in the presence of the owner and arrested the two accused from the house. The police also recovered the machete from the accused and upon questioning the duo confessed to the crime which they committed.

Ettumanoor CI Saju Joseph did the investigation and submitted the crime report before the court and had arraigned Chandran as the first accused and Murugan as the second accused in the case. The police recovered fingerprints of Murugan from the crime scene. The prosecution cross examined 13 witnesses and submitted 18 documents as proof. The deposition of the witness along with scientific evidence was in favour of prosecution.

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