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Assam Native Murdered for MoneyMALAPPURAM:The murder of an Assam native in Malappuram recently is revealed to have links with the controversial Saradha chit fund scam. Police have arrested another Assam native in connection with the murder and are in search for two more persons. Harilal Baraman of Mandhipur, Assam, has been arrested for the murder of Oppu Barman. According to the information given by him, other two, Gono Barman and Gaja Barman, are also involved in the crime.

According to the police, the three-member-gang, who are also relatives, murdered Oppu Barman for his money. Oppu Barman’s elder brother, a Saradha chit fund agent in their place, owes the relatives of Gono Barman a huge amount of money. They demanded the money, but Oppu Barman’s brother, who is currently working in Tirur, was not in a position to pay it back.

Oppu and Harilal were close friends, and Harilal was well aware of the bank balance and ATM PIN of the former. The three accused decided to take the money from Oppu Barman as his brother kept on asking for more time. The trio cleverly brought Oppu to an isolated place near Munduparambu, where they strangled him to death and stole his ATM card. They withdrew money from the victim’s account and shared it among them. Harilal left for Assam soon after the murder and the two others stayed back here to avoid suspicion.

They informed Oppu’s brother that he was missing. The police found the visuals of Harilal withdrawing money from an ATM counter in Palakkad. A team led by Malappuram Inspector of Police R Asokan, SI Ummer Memana and Babulal left for Assam soon.

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