Chargesheet prepared against the two accused in child’s kidnap, murder case

Chargesheet prepared against the two accused in child s kidnap murder casePolice have prepared a chargesheet against the two accused who had kidnapped and murdered the 13-year-old son of a jeweller in east Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar area on November 20.

Police said the duo has been booked for abduction, murder, criminal conspiracy and forgery. The 70-page chargesheet has been presented before a magistrate. Pratap Singh Sisodia has been named as the main conspirator while his friend, Siddharth Sharma, is the co-conspirator. Siddharth’s flat in Geeta Nagar was used to hold the child captive. Pratap has already admitted that he knew Utkarsh’s father.

During investigation, a team led by inspector K G Tyagi interrogated 30 people. The owner of the medical store from where the accused purchased Alprax strips to sedate the child has also been arrested. Sisodia’s girlfriend—the prime witness in the case—was also questioned. She was present in the flat when the child was strangled.

The statements of the witnesses were matched with that of the accused to corroborate the sequence of events. Footages from at least three CCTVs was taken in as evidence, said a senior police officer.

However, police said the accused had refused to go for a voice identification test which would match their voice samples with those recorded by cops while trying to trace the callers. It was also found that the accused had used five identity cards which had been forged by Sharma.

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