Crime Branch Findings on Child Misuse Raise Eyebrows

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Crime Branch Findings on Child Misuse Raise EyebrowsNADAPURAM:Eyebrows have been raised after a Special Investigation Team of the Crime Brach inquiring into the molestation of a four-and-a-half-year-old girl student reached a conclusion which denied all charges of sexual abuse.

In a dramatic turn of events in the Nadapuram molestation case, the investigation report of the SIT led by DySP Mohana Chandran has found that the LKG student was not abused at all.

As per the report, the injury found on the genital part of the girl – a key piece of evidence – was on account of a urinary tract infection and not sexual abuse.

The report also exonerated two senior students who were arrested by the local police in connection with the case.

The investigation team is now on its way to submit the report before the court after ensuring scientific backing for the findings and to conclude the inquiry.

DySP K V Santhosh, who is leading the probe team, said as per the report submitted by the first investigating officer, Mohana Chandran, the girl was not sexually abused.

During the medical examination, a minor injury was found in the genital part of the girl, but no report has stated that the girl was abused. There were several contradictions in the statements of the girl and her parents, said Santhosh.

“As the newly appointed investigation officer, I have just received the report from Mohana Chandran and further steps will be taken after a detailed study”, the DySP added.

It was on October 30, 2014, that the girl, a student of Darul Huda English Medium School, Parakkadavu near Nadapuram, was abused on the school campus. The case was first probed by the local police led by Thamarassery DySP Jaison P Abraham.

Molestation:Sabotage Bid Alleged

Nadapuram: The delay in arresting the suspects had sparked strong public protests in the area with political parties and social activists accusing the police of trying to shield the real culprits. There were strong allegations from various quarters during the preliminary stage of investigation that the police was trying to sabotage the case.

The case was then taken over by Nadapuram DySP Prajeesh Thottathil, who arrested two senior students of the same school pursuing ‘religious education’. They were charged under IPC 376 (rape) and relevant provisions of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

The government had handed over the probe to Crime Branch, despite strong protests from victim’s parents and political parties. It was alleged that this move was part of attempt to sabotage the case. Backing the allegations, the CB took steps in favour of the accused to get them bail during their probe. K K Lathika MLA said that it was a matter of serious concern. “The SIT had necessary evidence including medical reports. It is clear that the police had tried to save the culprits, said the MLA.

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