Deadly Najafgarh gangs sprang from a land dispute

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Deadly Najafgarh gangs sprang from a land disputeThe deadly najafgarh gang was arrested and sent to Rohtak jail.

Initially, Balraj had an upper hand, but Pehalwan, in the meantime, lured many local youths to his gang by offering them money and weapons. “After Balraj was killed by Pehalwan’s associates in 1998, Anoop took over the gang and tried to compromise with his rivals by dividing their areas. However, it didn’t materialise and members of both the gangs got killed one after another. In September 1999, Anoop’s gang members killed Pehalwan’s younger brother Kuldeep in Central Delhi. In retaliation, Anoop’s 19-year-old nephew Yash Pal was gunned down by that afternoon outside his shop in Mitraon. In 2004, Anoop was also shot dead on the premises of Haryana’s Rohtak court,” a police officer said.

Property and politics

With the passage of time, the area started witnessing development and, apart from land-grabbing and extortion, the dreaded criminals became property dealers and started dealing especially in disputed land.

Pehelwan was arrested by Delhi Police in 1998, but after coming out of jail, he shifted to politics. In 2008, Pehelwan became more powerful after his brother Bharat Singh contested on an Indian National Lok Dal ticket from Najafgarh and was elected MLA. Pehelwan was also elected as a municipal councillor. He reportedly started dealing only in disputed land matters.

Pehalwan vs Udaiveer

Udaiveer harboured enmity against Pehalwan and his family as he held them responsible for the murders of his father Surajmal, a former sarpanch of Dichaon Kalan, and his elder brother. Udaiveer’s father and brother are said to have been killed by Pehalwan’s gang during a marriage function in Rohtak. Udaiveer was looking for an opportunity and in 2011, he came to know about an altercation between one Vikas Dagar and Bharat Singh over money matters involving Vikas’s aunt Ramo Devi and her husband, a senior police officer said.

Udaiveer decided to take advantage of the situation and later started supporting Vikas or Vicky, a resident of Mitraon. Udaiveer also told Vicky that after the municipal election, Bharat Singh would eliminate him. “Udaiveer had claimed in his interrogation in 2012 that Pehalwan, the MLA’s brother, had got his brother and father killed in 2002,” police sources said. “In 2012, Udaiveer hired local youths Vicky and Kuldeep as they also wanted to take revenge on Pehalwan,” then Additional Commissioner of Police (Special Cell), Ashok Chand said.

Outlaws of Outskirts

Nowadays, extortionists are targeting realtors from Najafgarh and Outer Delhi and businessmen whose factories are situated in the Bawana industrial area, police sources said. “Neeraj Bawana, Vikas Lagarpuria, Manoj Morkheri, Anil Pehalwan, Sanjay Rathi, Pappu Pandit, Sonu Daryapur, Satish alias Pehalwan are running extortion rackets,” police sources added.

Some of the criminals, who are now in jail, are still running their rackets from inside Tihar, Rohini and Rohtak jails. The Delhi Police’s Special Cell and Crime Branch have intercepted phone calls and received inputs from their informers that gangs are demanding Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh every month from industrialists who own plants in Outer Delhi areas.

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