Housewife burnt to death by husband over alleged extramarital relation

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House wife burnt by husbandDOUBTING her character, a labourer from Madhya Pradesh allegedly burnt his wife alive on the premises of a ceramic kiln near Wankaner town in Morbi district late on Monday night. The man was arrested on Tuesday morning.

Wankaner city police said Hariram Suryavanshi sprinkled kerosene on his wife Maya (26) and set her ablaze inside their cottage in Acutop Ceramic in Vaghasiya industrial area near Wankaner after the couple had a fight. “As Maya turned into a ball of fire, Suryavanshi tried to save her but in vain. Out of fear, the man ran away from their cottage, abandoning his burning wife and four daughters,” police said.

Suryavashi’s eldest daughter Payal (9), who was present in the cottage, raised the alarm. Other labourers rushed to the site but Maya died on the spot, said Police Inspector Labhshankar Bhatt.

The accused, during interogation, confessed to have killed his wife suspecting an extramarital affair. “The man used to fight with his wife over her suspected infidelity. He says that his wife used to infuriate him by saying that he was not father of any of their four daughters. After a fight, Maya did not prepare meal for her husband on Monday afternoon. She did the same thing in the evening. This further enraged the man and led him to set his wife on fire,” said Bhatt.

The police have booked Suryavanshi for murder of his wife.

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