Hunt for real ‘mystery’ constable continues

Cops start search for constable who accompanied officer Vijay Salunkhe and Salman Khan to JJ Hospital for testing alcohol level in the actor’s blood in 2002, as Salunkhe can’t recollect details.

mystery constable

mystery constable

 Days after mid-day traced the identity and reported about the mystery constable with buckle number 2985, questions continue to linger over the initial handling of Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case in 2002.

Also, an internal inquiry into the alleged goof-up was initiated soon after the reports about the mystery constable were published on Saturday.

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Sources claimed that API Vijay Salunkhe, who was a PSI in 2002, and another constable were given the responsibility of taking Salman to JJ Hospital and bring back blood samples collected for testing alcohol level. They added that during the internal inquiry, Salunkhe told investigating officers that he does not remember who this constable was. Read Story: My father was never posted at Bandra police station, says ‘missing’ constable’s son A police officer said, “It is strange that the officer can’t recollect the name or provide any detail about the constable who accompanied him on that day. Currently, we are scrutinising all the documents and questioning people posted at the police station in 2002.” The inquiry report was to be submitted on Monday, but cops are still groping in the dark claiming that personnel posted at the Bandra police station in 2002 are not cooperating. mid-day has earlier reported that Shivaji Sawant, a constable with buckle number 2985 had retired in 1998, a good four years before the incident in Bandra. Sawant’s son Shankar, a constable attached to the Kalachowkie police station, had told mid-day that his father was never posted at Bandra police station.

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