Indor 19 – year old teen who left home over visit to cobber leads cops on 4-city hunt nabbed

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Indor 19  year old teen who left home over visit to cobber leads cops on 4 city hunt nabbedA 19-year-old engineering student who took the police of at least six cities on a wild goose chase in a bid to teach his father a lesson for asking him to visit the cobbler’s was finally caught by Thane traffic police for riding without a helmet.

According to police, Praveen Bhatti hails from Indore and is a second-year student of the Indore Institute of Science and technology. Four days back, he left his home after a minor argument with his parents.

“His father had asked him to get his shoes polished and this had angered Bhatti as he thought the errand was below his dignity. He had a spat with his father and left home saying he was going to his friend’s house, but did not return. His parents lodged a missing person complaint at a police station in Indore the next day. Fortunately, Indore police found the mobile phone active and traced his location,” said PI Dattatray Palave of Thane traffic police.

Bhatti had set off on his motorbike and had reached Dhule – the last location traced by the police. Indore police then alerted their counterparts in Dhule and asked them him to detain the biker. However, Bhatti had left the city before the cops could get there.

Knowing well that his parents would approach the police, he changed his route and reached Jalgaon. By the time Jalgaon police could trace him, he switched off his mobile phone for the rest of the day. On Thursday, his location was again traced to Shirdi but he gave the cops the slip yet again and drove on to Nashik.

At Nashik, the police found that he had stayed overnight in Shirdi and had also gone to the Sai Baba temple before leaving the town. From Nashik, he came to Thane where his journey was brought to an end by the traffic police.

“He seemed a bit tense when he saw the police, and he wasn’t wearing a helmet. We stopped him for not wearing one, but he panicked. We asked him for documentation and driving license, which he didn’t have. After a bit of tough talk, he broke down and narrated the entire story. We called up Indore police who were already on their way to Thane, who confirmed his story and asked us to stop him from going any further,” said Palave.

Bhatti was already running out of cash as he had only Rs 1,500 when he left home. He was taken to Vartaknagar Traffic chowky and provided with lunch. He was then counselled by some officers who also made him speak to his parents and apologise.

He told police that he wanted to teach his father a lesson, which was why he had run away from home. On Friday, his parents were reunited with their son at Vartaknagar police station. The trio left for Indore the same day, police added.

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