Juhu murder: Police find loot worth Rs71 lakh from killer duo

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Police find loot worth Rs71 lakh from killer duoThe police have recovered cash, gold and diamonds worth Rs71 lakh from the two accused who allegedly robbed and murdered a 50-year-old woman at her Juhu residence last week.

DCP Vinayak Deshmuk said, “We were given an estimate of Rs33 lakh of stolen cash and valuables by the family. However, under the circumstances, they were not certain and the actual stolen worth was more than double the estimated value.” He added that every last penny was recovered from them as the two did not get a chance to spend it. While they had stolen Rs4 lakh in cash, the rest was gold and diamond jewellery.

Dilip Mandal, 19 and his older brother Shyam, 21, had allegedly plotted, killed and robbed Dilip’s employer Minoti Parikh in her third floor flat in Guru Kripa building, JVPD. Shyam worked as a domestic help in a building in Walkeshwar and had been recently fired. Dilip had been hired three months ago and the family had not done any police verification while employing him.

According to Dilip’s statement to the police, they were being nagged by their mother in Bihar to send her money every month as their father was ailing. “Their father, they say, was handicapped and had several health problems.

He was bedridden and the family was in debt as they had taken lakhs on loan for his treatment and other purposes,” said an officer. The brothers said they were under pressure to clear the debt and provide for the family. The duo was also planning to spend the money for Shyam’s brother-in-law’s wedding in Bihar.

According to the police, when Dilip spotted the family keeping the money and valuables in the safe, he plotted the crime with his brother. Dilip had claimed that his brother was only involved in plotting, not in the murder, and that he was assisted by two other domestic helps in the building. “He was lying to shield his brother, nobody else was involved. Dilip sent the watchman to buy some food and sneaked his brother in, after which they tied up the woman, strangled her to death and fled with the loot,” said Deshmukh.

On February 25, Dilip was arrested from Haryana and Shyam was caught in Delhi, along with the stolen booty, by teams of officers from the Juhu police and Unit 9 of the crime branch. The two were planning to hide there for sometime before leaving for their hometown in Bihar. Both are currently in police custody.

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