Man arrested for racial slur, assault

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Man arrested for racial slur assaultVictim says he was attacked with iron rod and called a ‘Chinki’

Police have arrested a man for allegedly assaulting and racially abusing his neighbour, a 27-year-old MBA graduate from Assam, at an apartment in J P Nagar V phase.

The victim, Abhijeet Saikia, said he was called a ‘Chinki’ and assaulted on his chest and hands with an iron rod by his neighbour Adrien Seddon, 37.
However, Seddon claimed Saikia and his friends assaulted him. Following his counter complaint, Saikia and his three friends were arrested. They were later released on bail. Seddon was also released on bail. Trouble started when Abhijeet and three of his friends were having a party at his flat in Palm Grove Apartment to celebrate one of them landing a job.
Seddon, who had complained earlier to his neighbour for conducting loud weekend parties, arrived at their door and allegedly started abusing them.
“On the night of April 1, at about 1.15 to 1.30 am, Seddon came to our premises and started arguing with me for having the party. Then he racially abused me by calling me a ‘Chinki’. We confronted him over this, but he pulled out an iron rod and started hitting me. I was injured on the wrist of my right hand and was bleeding from my forehead. My friends who protested this violent assault were also attacked. We tried to catch him but he escaped,” Saikia said.
The neighbours alerted the cops who arrived within a few minutes. However, after sometime, Seddon too turned up in a car with another person.
“After seeing the police, he again tried to escape and in the process he almost ran us over when we tried to block the car,” Saikia said.
Police arrested Seddon and took Saikia for a medical examination.

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