Man inspired by TV crime show robbed the shop where he worked

Robberies and other crimes are increasing day by day in India. A 24 year old young man who works as assistant sales manager in Reliance Digital outlet planned a robbery and got arrested was arrested on June 9 by the Mulund police for planning a robbery in the store, where he had been working for about a year. Sadly this robbery was inspired by the TV series based on real life-crime stories.
Crime PI KM Kasar said, “The Reliance Digital area manager for Mulund Tanaji Kadam complained to the police regarding the matter.”

Kasim Siddique (24) planned the robbery with his friends a couple of days after he watched the crime show. Rajaram Vhanmane, senior inspector of Mulund Police station, said, “Kasim was working as a sales assistant at a Reliance outlet at Vasant Leela in Mulund West. R2.92 lakh cash was robbed from the outlet on June 9 at around 10.35 am. He called the police an hour after the robbery; this raised suspicions about him.”

cctv footage of robber in mumbai

CCTV footage of robbery

He added, “Kasim’s accomplices Fahim Shaikh and Shahzad Shaikh were arrested on June 14. According to Kasim, they entered the store wearing black clothes and black helmets. Upon entering, they hit him and threatened him with a knife and asked him to open the drawer, which had the day’s cash.”

“He said he fell down after being pushed by one of the robbers. However, [when we saw] footage from the two CCTVs installed in the outlet, the incident looked staged,” said Vhanmane. Kasim planned the robbery as he was in need of money. His wife is pregnant and he was facing a financial crisis. “Kasim said the duo came on a motorbike and to avoid having them arrested at a check-point, he called the cops an hour after the robbery. When the police picked him up he did not give satisfactory replies, but later confessed to the crime,” said a police officer


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