Mentally unstable man axes his parents and daughter to death in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: A 27-year-old mentally unstable man from Malarpur village of Kheralu taluka in Mehsana district allegedly hacked his three-year-old daugther and his parents to death with an axe on Tuesday night, police sources said here today.

According Kheralu taluka police inspector S H Bava, the accused man, who has been identified as Nagji was Thakor was nabbed by the local police early today morning.

However, during the struggle to overpower him, Thakor attacked and injured two policmen as well as one of his neighbours, the police official said.

According to the police official, Thakor, who was diagnosed with a mental illness, had been undergoing treatment since the last couple of years.

Thakor, who used to work at a factory in Palanpur reached his home in Malarpur village a few days ago after his illness worsened, the police official said.

“When everyone was asleep in his house, he suddenly woke up at around 2 am and attacked his daughter Dharti with his axe. After his wife Daxaben tried to stop him, he hit her head with the axe, making her unconscious after which he went to another room and attacked his father Babu as well as his mother Machhiben,” Bava said.

After inflicting fatal injuries to his family members, Thakor was locked up in a small room. “In the morning, Daxaben, who was seriously injured, regained her conciousness and informed her neighbours about the incident. After reaching the spot, we realised that Thakor’s daughter Dharti and his parents were already dead due to fatal injuries,” Bava said.

“When we tried to pull Thakor out of his room, he attacked two of our constables and one of his neighbours with the axe, injuring all of them. Finally, we overpowered him and arrested him on charges of murder and attempt to murder,” Bava said.

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