Mother arrested for drowning 3-year-old child

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Mother arrested for drowning 3 year oldA three-year-old child was allegedly thrown into the Hooghly by his mother on Wednesday night. Police arrested the woman on Thursday morning.

She confessed to killing the child and said her son displayed an unnatural behaviour ever since he fell off the bed and hit his head on the floor when he was just six days old.

Sumita Sau, the mother, said she had consulted godmen and neighbours who advised her that performing a goat sacrifice would cure her son of his ailment. Her husband Umesh was a temporary worker of Ganges Jute Mill in Bansberia and the couple could not afford such a ceremony on their own. Sumita began collecting money for the ceremony but with time she realized that she would never manage to gather the required sum.

Frustrated, she carried her son to the Iswar Gupta Setu in Bansberia on Wednesday evening and hurled the child into the river. On returning home, Sumita was questioned about the child’s whereabouts by Umesh and his mother. She confessed she had thrown him into the river.

On Thursday morning, Umesh called the local Mogra police station and had her arrested. Mogra OC Sukhomoy Chakraborty said police have started a murder case against Sumita. Umesh said he would never accept her back home again.

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