One arrested for murder, loot and thefts in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat

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Miami Police Set Up DUI Checkpoint For Holiday DriversSURAT: Crime branch sleuths arrested a 23 year old person who is allegedly involved in five major crimes like murder, loot and thefts in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The accused had carried out the crimes within past one year with help of his gang.

Police arrested Saylu Abhesing Bhurya, resident of Ambaja village, Alirajpur district in Madhya Pradesh, from near A1 Tea centre in Sachin area of the city on Saturday. Bhurya was detained by crime branch sleuths for questioning under suspicion after which he described his involvement in series of crimes.

Bhurya, was questioned for his suspected involvement in a loot that took place in Sachin area around seven months ago. During questioning he informed police that he murdered Saling Rathwa around a year ago in outskirts of Ambaja village. Rathwa had murdered Bhurya’s father Abhesing and to take revenge he was murdered. Rathwa was tied to a light pole by the accused and was hit with an axe.

Soon after murder Bhurya escaped to Saurashtra and was working as labour in farms near Rajkot. His gang members arrived to Rajkot and looted a truck loaded with groundnut on Rajkot highway. The driver was murdered and thrown from a bridge. The gang then sold the groundnut to someone on road side.

Later continuing his crimes Bhurya targeted a residence in Sachin area of the city and looted mobile phones and jewellery total worth Rs 36,500 around seven months ago. The gang injured one person in the house with sticks and pipes. Within few days of the loot in Sachin, Bhurya targeted a mobile shop in the city and stole mobile phones. Police are questioning him to find out more details about exact location of the theft in city.

During the same period Bhurya and his gang targeted a residence in Olpad’s Masma village near the city. They looted a gold chain worth Rs 14,000 from neck of a woman and injured a watchman on head using stick.

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