Rs 1,00,786 bounty announced to murder Muslim cleric who said Shiva was 1st messenger of Islam

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Rs 100786 bounty announced to murder Muslim cleric who said Shiva was 1st messenger of IslamBareily, Feb 25: All India Faizan-e-Madina Council, a Bareily-based socio-political group announced a cash reward of Rs 1,00,786 to kill a Muslim cleric who recently created a controversy involving Lord Shiva.

Mooen Siddiqui Noori, the national president of the group, on Monday, Feb 23 declared that the cash reward will be given only to a Muslim who will dare to kill the cleric Mufti Mohammad Ilyas Qasmi.

The killer, who will respond to the group’s circular and would kill Qasmi, will also be given an ‘Islamic’ sword. [Muslim Ulema says Lord Shiva is first ‘Muslim Prophet’]

A report by Times of India quoted Noori as saying, “Qasmi made these strange remarks against the Sharia on insistence from the RSS. If he really had any knowledge, his comments would be backed by the holy scripture.”

Noori also added, “For teaching such people a lesson, I have decided that any Indian Muslim who gives me the head of Qasmi will be given a cash reward of Rs 1,00,786.”

“Sharia is not enforced in our country , but we can follow it to deal with traitors. I am aware that my announcement will land me in jail, but I’m not scared,” added the report while quoting Noori.

Qasmi, the leader of the Jamiat Ulema Hind, recently courted the controversy while claiming that Hindu god ‘lord Shiva’ was Muslim’s first prophet. Not only that, he further said that Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati are their parents.

“Lord Shiva is the first messenger of Muslims. As China is for Chinese and Japan is for Japanese, we are all Indians and children of same God ie Lord Shiva,” Qasmi said while speaking in Ayodhya.

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