Sharp reactions after rape charged lynched to death in Dimapur

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Sharp reactions after rape accused lynched to death in DimapurDimapur: A day after killing a rape accused Syed Sarif Uddin Khan in a most inhuman way by a mob lynching and hanging in Dimapur in India’s north-eastern state of Nagaland, people across the region have demanded justice for this barbaric act.

Various civil society organisations have condemned the incident of the mob and the failure of Nagaland government to maintain law and order.

Meanwhile, sources said that the victim girl who lodged complaint is sister in law (cousin of wife of the deceased) of Khan and was allegedly also in an affair with him, or was at least “close to him”. The CCTV visuals from the hotel, where the alleged rape occurred, give credence to this, said this. In the visuals, both Khan and the girl can be seen entering the hotel in a jolly mood, the source said.

It is not immediately clear though as to why she reported the case then. The rumour mill suggests that she did it for monetary gains. “There seems to be some larger conspiracy behind the entire episode. We cannot ascertain anything now as the matter was being investigated by the police. He was not yet convicted for the crime,” said a fellow businessman who did not wished to be named.

A section of media and people have been depicting Khan as a suspected Bangladeshi national. However, the fact is that earlier his father served and currently two of his brothers are serving in the Indian Army.

His father late Siraj Uddin Khan served in Military Engineer Services (MES) and was based at Kumbhirgram airport air force base. While two of his brothers are with Indian Army – Zamal Uddin Khan is posted in Jammu and Kashmir and Kamal Uddin Khan is in Chhattisgarh.

Former Assam minister and South Karimganj MLA, Siddique Ahmed said that a section of the people is trying to give political colour the incident by terming Khan as a Bangladeshi.

“No way Khan can be a Bangladeshi national when his entire family belongs to Bosla village of Karimganj city. Besides, three members of their family have served in Indian Army,” Ahmed told TCN.

He also said that the Nagaland government is to be blamed for the entire thing. “This is something which has never been witnessed as far as memory goes. The President’s Rule should be imposed in the state to control the law and order situation. The enquiry should be handed over to the CBI and adequate compassion should be granted to the next kin of Khan,” Ahmed added.

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