Teen murders her rapist’s 5-year-old son for revenge

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Teen Murdered Five Year Old Boy

A 13-year-old girl allegedly murdered five-year-old by beheading him to take revenge from his father whom she accused of raping her.The incident took place at Khair village of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. Police officials said, “Five-year-old Amit was playing outside his house on Tuesday evening, when the girl lured him away under some pretext, took him to a vacant plot nearby and beheaded him.”

She did not only behead him but also allegedly smashed the body with bricks, wrapped it in a polythene bag and set it on fire. The incident came to light when a pack of dogs dragged out the boy’s half-burnt body the next day. The girl was taken into custody after Amit’s parents told the police that he was last seen with her.

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