Women objectified in negative manner in society: Delhi court

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New Delhi, Feb 24: Asserting that “gender sensitisation is the need of the hour”, a Delhi court has regretted that women have been objectified in a negative manner by society.

Awarding two-year jail sentences to two people accused of molestation and causing death of a man in 2013, Additional Sessions Judge Vimal Kumar Yadav Monday said “gender sensitisation is the need of the hour” and that women’s security, safety and dignity remains a big issue.

122“Women, who play a very vital role in the family, society and invariably all walks of life, have not been given their fair share of recognition and respect,” he said. “Women have been objectified in a negative manner by society instead of according the sensitivity they deserve.”

The “patriarchal society has shaped the thinking of males which can’t be justified but it still, unfortunately, prevails. Instead of respecting the fair sex, males tend to treat them very unfairly”, the judge said.

The judge made the remarks while sentencing two youths – Suraj and Ajay – who caused injuries to Sewa Lal after an altercation occurred over molestation.

Observing that the molestation led to a fight, which took place Feb 24, 2013 evening, and led to the death of Sewa Lal, the court held Suraj and Ajay guilty of voluntarily causing hurt with common intention.

But Judge Yadav opined that the cause of death could be cardiac arrest, a natural cause of death.

Lal’s wife, in her complaint, had blamed the accused for the death, saying her husband was assaulted by the accused people who hit him on the chest.

Considering the age, socio-economic and educational background of the accused, the court sentenced them to two years in jail while warning them to keep their wayward behaviour under control and become law-abiding citizens.

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